I'm   Sherri  McMahon

Full Stack Developer


HTML Email

Responsive Design
August 2020

HTML Email

Landing Page
October 2020

HTML Email

September 2020


Single Page Design
July 2020

Harold's Inn

Web Site Design
August 2020

Wire Frame

Figma Wire Frame
September 2020

Name: Sherri McMahon

Profile: Full Stack Developer


Javascript 85%
Bootstrap 80%
React 60%
Adobe Creative Cloud 90%
About me

I'm a web developer that can build fast, responsive websites from the ground up. I strive to write clean and efficient code, along with pixel perfect images. My skill set allows me to design AND develope.

I'm currently furloughed from my job at Pennsylvania Chemicals. I'm spending my time off taking a course at NuCamp Coding Bootcamp for full stack and mobile developer. I crave learning and new technology, with my degree in graphic and web design, coding is the next step to add to my current skill set. Coding allows me to do more than design a website, I can write code to incorporate forms and so much more.

When I'm not coding I'm usually in search of the perfect cup of coffee, enjoying the company of my two pups or flying my drone.